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Kenshinko Sai 25.8.2013





Wind in the clouds,
shuts the way back to the heavens:
These dancers must be angels.
Let them stay.

Before going on,
let me stop by Mirror Mountain
to inspect myself:
have I become an old man
after living all these years?
                            OTOMO NO KURONUSHI



Cherry blossoms scatter -
even the devil in me
has lost his horns.
                  KOBAYASHI ISSA

Never forget:
we walk on hell,
gazing at flowers.
               KOBAYASHI ISSA

This body
grown fragile, floating,
a reed cut from its roots...
If a stream would ask me
to follow, I´d go, I think.
                     ONO NO KOMACHI


Etiquette Tips

Etiquette Tips For Santa Claus and other Foreigners

Dear Santa,

When you visit our Buddhist country this year, please be careful not to make any faux pas. Remember, you’re a gaijin, so although you are allowed to break many other rules in Japan, there are still some customs you should follow.

First of all, no kissing Mommy under the mistletoe. A polite bow will do. And keep your voice down, a loud Ho ho ho would be very impolite and embarassing in Japan. Keep gestures to a minimum.

When you come inside the house, through the window, please, take off your boots and us the slippers we’ve put out for you. Watch your head as you make your way through our small Japanese house.

Give gifts in odd numbers: either one of three. Three is best. Not four, because four in Japansese is shi, pronounced the same as the word for death.

Take back all Elfen gifts and rewrap them! The wrapping should be more beautiful than the gift.

By the way, we don’t do facial hair in Japan. Do you really need that huge beard, Santa? If you could just trim that beard a little…

I’ll leave snacks out for you, but it won’t be cookies and milk, it will be Japanese sweets and green tea.

Don’t bring us any food from the north pole, as it is against the law to bring food in the country.

Take a few moments to stop in a snack bar to drink some warm sake and sing karaoke enka songs with the hostesses before moving on to other countries.

-Guidebook to Japan, what other textbooks don’t tell you (Amy Chavez)

Ghibli / Mei and the Kittenbus 2003


                                                   Good Dream II by Kirsi Salonen


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